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Bathobela Can

Bathobela Can is a children’s book about a young girl who is growing up with a speech delay. This affects her every day and her confidence. Bathobela is very blessed to have a great support system from her mother who is taking her time to teach Bathobela things that society believes that a child with special needs will not achieve. In having the love and support she does, it enables her to have the freedom to enjoy being a child and having FUN in the process.

The aim of the book is to inspire, educate and also give hope. Bathobela Can aims to bring change to parenting. To teach parents not to compare children, for parents to build a relationship with their children and to let children trust and grow up knowing that their parents are there for them.

Who is Bathobela Can talking to?

Bathobela Can talks to both parents who want the best for the children, as well as parents who are facing this kind of challenge of raising a child with any form of challenges and special needs. The book will also help teachers at pre-school and school who are dealing with the children with any form of learning difficulties as part of their job description. Last but not least, it talks to the children themselves, who need constant reinforcement to never give up and always believe that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to doing.

The Inspiration Behind Bathobela Can

The inspiration comes from the author’s firsthand experience of raising a little girl with a speech delay, and thought about sharing the experience. Letting other parents know that, having a child with any form of special needs doesn’t mean you can’t teach her/him activities that are done by all children.

The author also intends instilling reading at a young age, most parents wait until their children go to school and then they start reading which is not ideal. Living in South Africa with our rainbow nation, the author believes that children should be exposed to South African content that explores the diverse cultures that make up our nation, early on in life


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